The BMB NANO (UF) is a small footprint water purification system that incorporates ultrafiltration technology to purify the incoming water mechanically (down to 0.2 microns), without the need for electricity, tank or drain. This system is ideal for those who want essential water filtration and microorganism removal at high flow rates and capacity. However, this system will not reduce or remove the TDS, ions or hardness (chalk) from the incoming water.

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Quick Overview

Provides peace of mind on your water quality and safety.

Uses ultrafiltration technology for taste improvement, odor removal, and 99.99% elimination of chlorine, heavy metals, and microorganisms (bacteria, virus, algae) found in water. Impurities such as chalk (hardness), fluoride, hormones and pharmaceuticals are not removed.

Essential water polishing and mineralizing.

Anti-bacterial disposable filter system.

Safe and eco-friendly solution to your water problems. Operates without electricity and drain!

Direct-flow: Tank-less operation with up to 180 liters of purified water per hour!

Cheaper than bottled (mineral) water.

Straightforward, no-hassle installation with quick-connect parts and DIY video.

Easy and quick filter changes through our innovative twist-and-lock system.

Small footprint and fits almost anywhere.

Comes with an elegant mini chrome faucet


High flowrate

Up to 180 liters of purified water per hour!


Operates without electricity and drain!

Small footprint

Fits almost anywhere!

Easy setup

Straightforward, no-hassle installation!

Water Purification

The BMB NANO (UF) uses ultrafiltration (UF) technology at its core to purify your tap water. While this system is not able to perform deep purification of water like reverse osmosis based systems, it is still able to provide you with essential water purification and protection from microorganisms. The purification process takes place in four carefully designed stages, each contributing towards delivering you clean and healthy drinking water.

Essential Purification

Heavy metals (iron, manganese and other rust)
99% removal rate
Chlorine , taste and odor
99% removal rate
Microorganisms (bacteria, algae and viruses)
99% removal rate

Deep Purification (not performed)

Chalk (hardness) and fluoride
Hormones and pharmaceuticals
Insecticides and toxins

Water Mineralizer

Once the water is purified, the BMB NANO (UF) polishes and mineralizes the water with a Coconut Shell Granule Active Carbon element to deliver you delicious and healthy water.

Essential water polishing and mineralizing.
Premium water enhancement (Biocera filter)

Water delivery & usage

The BMB NANO (UF) operates without electricity, tank or drain and delivers purified water at high flow rates and capacity. Except for filter changes, the BMB NANO (UF) does not require any corrective maintenance during its lifetime and comes with an elegant mini chrome faucet.

Technical Details

Brand BMB Technology
Purification Technology Ultrafiltration (Essential)
Filter Details Filter 1: 5 Micron Antibacterial Sediment
Filter 2: CTO Coconut Shell Carbon Block
Filter 3: Ultrafiltration Filter
Filter 4: Coconut Shell Granule Active Carbon & Mineralizer
Filter Lifetime 15,000 liters or 1 year, whichever comes first under normal water quality
System Output Capacity 180 Liters per hour @ 5 bar
Dimensions Length: 42 cm
Width: 13 cm
Height: 42 cm
Location Point-of-Use
Mounting Hanging
Weight 5 kg

Technical Requirements

Supply water parameters


pH: 6.5 - 8.5
Temperature: 4 – 40 °C
Turbidity < 5 NTU
TDS < 1000 PPM
Hardness < 500 PPM CaCO3 (50 °F) (28 °dH)
Chloride < 250 PPM
Free Chlorine < 0.7 PPM
Iron < 0.1 PPM
Manganese < 0.1 PPM
Silica < 0.1 PPM
Chemical Oxygen Demand < 5 PPM O2
Total Bacteria Count < 50 CFU / mL
E. Coli < 3 CFU
Note: Drinkable tap water is under most circumstances safe to use with this device. Please contact us if your water source is different.
Supply water pressure Minimum: 2.5 bar
Maximum: 6 bar
Note: The water pressure in most residential areas is around 3-4 bar. If your water pressure is too low or too high, or if you are not sure whether your water pressure is adequate, please contact us. We always have a solution!


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